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Typical applications of equipment protection on dynamically acting machines are
bellows, as they can be manufactured in various types and shapes and are able to
secure safe working conditions.  

Bellows are often used as safety guard or anti-squeeze protection on machines. On guideways they serve as protection against dust, contamination, oil and coolants.

Exceptional application example: custom specific bellows for mini trolley busses 

In the transportation industry, bellows are also an important component to protect
diverse vehicle parts, no matter if they are small or big ones. faltenbalg für robusten Einsatz Gortiflex
A customer in Luzern, Switzerland needed a custom specific solution for his mini busses: Dynatect developed robust and optically attractive bellows for the trolley busses that are used outdoor as playground equipment for children.  

Gortiflex bellows are able to meet these requirements due to the very robust and weather-resistant material and the good processing, designed to be suitable for children. The bellows are made of polyester-coated PVC. The aluminum wire guides are fabric coated in order to avoid any injuries. Shortly after receipt of the inquiry, Dynatect provided a prototyp for approval in due time.

The attractive appearance and the high precision fit convinced the customer and thus he placed an order for his six busses. Since March 2016 children enjoy playing with them in the special created park of the museum “Verkehrshaus”.

 Due to the major response of the visitors/children the customer decided to invest in
three more busses for his park. In January 2017, he ordered the same type
of GORTIFLEX bellows for the new vehicles.